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Peace and Shalom

“You must go to other churches!” And go to other churches we did! This command came from the late Don Armentrout, my favorite seminary professor. There was a method to Don’s madness. If we were to become complete Episcopal priests we had to have a working familiarity of how the Gospel was presented to folks in other denominations. So, on seminary Sundays we were rarely worshiping in an Episcopal church. The experience of worshiping with other folks was eye-opening, and at times heart rendering.

Going to different denominations on Sunday was part of my childhood in a military family. Mother insisted that I be in a church on Sunday either with them or with my friends. So, I went to whatever church was closest. I went to Temple, Synagogue, Catholic Catechesis, Pentecostal, and various versions of Methodists, Baptists and Presbyterians. In reflecting on these particular experiences in childhood and seminary I have concluded that they did much to contribute to whatever little wholeness I ha…

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