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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

And so it seems, with a nod of the head to the 1963 movie whose title aptly describes the national state of mind, a fortnight shy of the 241st anniversary of the birth of our, “if you can keep it,” republic. Increasingly it appears that we will not keep it because we seem to be hell bent on civil war rather than on “e pluribus unum.” Pollsters, historians, pundits, statisticians, and sociologists are all concluding that we are more divided and polarized than we have ever been in our history, or at least since the Civil War.

Somewhere along the last 20-40 years vigorous, passionate, political disagreement has morphed into outright hatred of those of the other party. Such is the “fruit” of a free people who are unable to keep themselves a virtuous people. Are we a virtuous people?

So, Democrats and Republicans no longer simply disagree about policies and politics, they actually hate one another and increasingly see the other side as enemies and even as evil people. Amazingly, many of the…

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