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Welcome, happy morning!

Welcome, happy morning!  Easter Day was quite a happy morning at Good Shepherd as we celebrated Jesus’ great victory over sin and death, to our individual benefit as well as the salvation of the whole world! We were also blessed by the generosity of Paul and Carolyn Simon who have given the two new stained glass windows that welcome us to the Chapel of the Resurrection.

The windows of the Chapel now tell the complete story of the Resurrection. As we approach the Chapel we, like the women who came first to the tomb that morning often bring our own sorrows, heartaches, and confusion, not always expecting that God can help us. Like them, we are surprised when the living Lord greets us at points in our lives when we least expect it. As on that first Easter Day, the first day of a whole creation made new, many of us like the Roman guard sleep through the redemptive work God is doing even now in the world around us.

Entering the Chapel is somewhat like entering the tomb itself. We are gree…

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