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Do You Have Time for Me?

This past Friday I had the privilege of being the clergy person who led Stations of the Cross at noon. Honestly, I am so aware that time is precious and many cannot attend at that hour, thus my expectations were pretty low in regards to attendance. As it turned out, six of us walked the Stations together. It was moving and humbling to recount, as a sm
all body of pilgrims, the events of Our Lord’s Passion.

At the Station where Christ is nailed to the cross, one fine and gentle man was reading a portion of the script. He began to softly weep and his voice stopped for a few moments. For all of us there, it was a poignant moment, as we all experienced the dark, dark side of a humanity that could brutally murder such a Savior. We all wept a bit.

Many years ago, in between college stints, I returned to my old church at First Baptist of North Augusta. I heard Dr. Charles Page (deceased) give a wonderful sermon on priorities and time. He made the point that all of us do what we believe is t…

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