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A Truly Red-Letter Day

The dates of major feast days are often printed in red on liturgical calendars to note its significance, and the Feast of Pentecost is one of those days. Although Pentecost is considered one of the major feast days of the church it often passes with little fanfare such that one would not ordinarily think about it or be reminded of it. However, it proved to be an extraordinary way of the spreading of the Gospel. To understand Pentecost and its significance we need to see where it stands in the Biblical story.

Most of us are aware that this is the day the Holy Spirit descended upon and indwelt the crowd gathered around the apostles. The arrival of the Holy Spirit created such a stir that thousands who were in Jerusalem came out to see what was going on. Peter’s message of the gospel was so powerful three thousand were baptized.

Pentecost occurred 50 days after the resurrection and it was during this time that Jesus’ disciples’ convictions about the resurrection took shape and were soli…

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