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God Bless Us Every One!

Sunday, Cissy and I, along with Bob and Penny Brown, were blown away by the spectacular performance of A Christmas Carol at the Imperial Theater. Before Sunday I had always thought that the best musical presentation of Dickens’ classic was at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. That opinion is history – the Augusta Players are now number one for me! After thunderous applause from an appreciative audience the show ended around five o’clock. We grabbed a quick bite and rushed to Good Shepherd for Nine Lessons and Carols. As clergy, I got to sit up front, and as I was settling in my seat looking around at the choir I thought I was back at the Imperial Theater! There was Ebenezer Scrooge-AKA Brandon Brune, Mrs. Fezziwig-AKA Rebecca Brune, Grace Smythe-AKA Mary Bryson Wright, and one of the townspeople-AKA Donovan Reimche. I know that there must have been other choir members in the show, but I had trouble recognizing them out of costume. Wow! These folks changed clothes quicker than superman,…

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