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Back Into the Fold: Returning to Church During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Many Good Shepherd parishioners have been asking when can we come back to church? The answer to this question begins with the Bishop of Georgia who is responsible for the safety and well-being of the people of our Diocese. Bishop Benhase and Bishop-Elect Logue have provided real “step-up” leadership to the challenges facing all Episcopalians in South Georgia during this pandemic.  The Bishop of Georgia will move to authorize in-person worship when counties in the Diocese meet the conditions set forth by the White House and CDC for opening up America again. These are:  1.The number of new COVID-19 cases has declined for at least 14 days  2.Rapid diagnostic testing capacity is significant to test, at minimum, all people with COVOD-19 symptoms.  The Bishop will consider broader regions than the county in making a determination, so it is possible some areas of the Diocese will be authorized to proceed before others. This will not occur before June and a recent poll of Americans finds a maj…

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